Beauty Store Business magazine - July, 2019

Zelo Professional: At-Home Keratin For Retail

Boca Cosmetics Group scores success with an alternative to in-salon keratin treatments: affordable at-home keratin systems.
Zelo Professional: At-Home Keratin For Retail

A few years ago, when Claudio Correia, president of Boca Cosmetics Group in Boca Raton, Florida, noted that keratin treatments were becoming all the rage in salons across the country, he saw a perfect opportunity to expand his business. What if clients could perform their own straightening and smoothing treatments at home?

The result was Zelo Professional, a system that took off immediately on the Home Shopping Network, where Correia sold out of 3,000 units in 20 minutes during its 2011 launch. Today, the brand has expanded to offer a range of haircare products as Boca continues to develop additional lines to meet consumers' needs. Beauty Store Business recently sat down with Correia to chat about his business' history and promising future.

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