Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Women Spend Big on Hair Care

Thirty-two percent of women tried a new haircare product in 2014, according to a recent Beauty by the Numbers report from The Benchmarking Co., a beauty and personal-care research firm.

The study reveals top haircare products and brands, as well as haircare and hair product-buying habits. Its findings were reported as follows:

The top regularly used at-home haircare products include:

99% Shampoo
96% Conditioner
59% Hair Spray

Fifty-eight percent of those who tried a new haircare product said they would buy it again. Furthermore, 13% of women said their new haircare product changed their lives in a positive way; and more specifically:

28% said it was an at-home hair color
21% claimed it was a hair oil (argan, Morrocan)
19% said it was a dry shampoo

Concerning hair investment:

58% of women spend between $8 and $24 on average for a single haircare product
51% buy hair products in bulk when available
41% buy haircare products every month
26% buy haircare products more than once a month
21% spend more than $24 for each haircare product

The study also found that 43% of women have curly or ethnically curly hair; 40% straighten, process or have their hair blown out several times a week; and curly girls use more products:

79% use frizz-reduction styling products
73% use a flat iron to straighten their curls
67% use haircare products specifically for curly hair
54% use a curl-defining styling product

Ninety-five percent of the study’s participants expressed that what they want from hair products is stronger, healthier hair. They also want:

Shine, 90%
Reduction in split ends, 86%
Fast, easy styling, 85%
Volume, 80%
Elimination of frizz, 80%
Immunity from the effects of humidity, 80%
Thicker hair/hair growth, 74%
A 50% faster blow-dry, ironing or overall finishing time, 65%

Favorite prestige brands included Philosophy (40%), Bumble & bumble (32%) and WEN (31%).

The tools she adores include a blow-dryer (76%), a flat iron (56%) and a round brush (48%).

The top favorite flat-iron brands are CHI (30%), Conair (13%), Revlon (12%) and Remington (11%).

TBC gathered its research from its PinkPanel of nearly 50,000 female vetted beauty buyers; in addition to working with 13 major brands and numerous indie brands.

[Image courtesy of The Benchmarking Co.]