Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

What's John Maly Up to?

He’s a former megadistributor and now the owner/president of Mirabella Beauty Products. What else is he doing these days?

Back in October, Beauty Industry West—a trade association serving the cosmetics industry—held its monthly luncheon meeting in Los Angeles. The event was sponsored by the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors trade association, and the speaker that day to nearly 100 people was John Maly, now the owner/president of Mirabella Beauty Products and a second-generation icon in the professional-beauty industry. He headed up Maly’s West, a progressive salon-products megadistributorship (with many professional-only stores and lots of DSCs) before he sold it in 2007. It’s now part of SalonCentric, the professional-products distribution operation of L’Oréal USA.

[Image: John Maly, president/CEO, Mirabella Beauty Products. Portrait photo by Armando Sanchez]