Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Wahl Professional Taps Andrew Papoccia for U.S. National Sales

Wahl Professional has tapped Andrew Papoccia from Wahl Italia as the new U.S. national sales manager. Papoccia takes over for Anne Marie Kollias who was promoted in March to U.S. director of sales and marketing. Papoccia will lead Wahl Professional's territory sales managers, reps and distributors.

Papoccia joined Wahl Italia in 2013. He helped to launch the subsidiary and served as its first national sales manager. Interestingly, while Papoccia lived and worked in Italy for 15 years, he was actually born and raised in Sterling, Illinois, which is home to Wahl’s headquarters. “I’m excited to get back to Sterling and my natural roots in the American market. I’m looking forward to developing strong relationships with our clients. I enjoyed that aspect of my work when building the Wahl Italia subsidiary,” Papoccia said. “I feel fortunate to be with Wahl Professional and am thrilled to be a part of the promising future lead by the fourth generation of the Wahl family."

“Andrew is the perfect choice to lead our U.S. sales team,” commented Anne Marie Kollias. “He’s done an amazing job for Wahl Professional in Italy, and he’ll bring great insight from that experience to his role in the U.S. I’m looking forward to working closely with him here at home.”

On the occasion of Wahl's 100th anniersary Papoccia commented, “Everyone at Wahl U.S. is committed to propelling the business forward toward the next 100 years. Sales—and the education that goes along with it—is so important in the professional industry; it’s crucial that professionals know how to select the ideal tools to fit their demands. To be leading such a dedicated team that’s doing such a good job with this, is a fantastic feeling."