Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Understanding Stem Cells

Discover the variety and benefits of this ingredient—and what it could mean for your beauty store.
Ada S. Polla

I sometimes think the skincare world suffers from what I think of as "flavor-of-the-month syndrome," meaning that every month there is a new ingredient that is on everyone's lips and in most brands' jars. Do you remember the pomegranate craze? Followed by the acai berry fad? And the bee venom phenomenon? The list goes on. Usually, all of these ingredients are beneficial to the skin, and, indeed, are here to stay, whether or not they remain as trendy. Stem cells have been such an ingredient—very visible over the last few years, still used in cosmetic products today, and sometimes still misunderstood.

Let's take a look at this ingredient. Remember that there is no silver bullet in skin care and no one miracle ingredient; but rather a forever evolving body of research that shows the various benefits of numerous ingredients.

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[Image courtesy of Ada S. Polla/Kelli Dailey]