Beauty Store Business magazine - May, 2019

Stowaway Cosmetics & Poshly Survey Women’s Makeup Routines

Stowaway Cosmetics and Poshly have issued the results of a survey of more than 4,000 women in the United States on their daily makeup routines. The results show:

  • More than 80% know makeup has expiration dates and have problems with old products but still don’t discard them because they forget, feel guilty about the money they spent on it or worry they may need it later. In fact, 89% hang on to old makeup “just in case they might need it later.”
  • For the average consumer between the ages of 25 and 50, 75% don’t routinely finish their makeup--and not just before it expires, but at all. Women are knowingly keeping and using expired makeup that could have an adverse effect on their health and well‐being.
  • Less than one in five toss their mascara in the recommended time frame of three months. The most common makeup to stick around too long is eye makeup--even though it expires the fastest and is the worst to use past its safe expiration date.
  • The average consumer owns almost 40 makeup products but only uses and carries five of them daily. That means the average woman owns eight times more makeup than she uses!