Beauty Store Business magazine - May, 2019

Sparks Green Ivy Complete Color Kit

Sparks Hair Color

Standing out in a crowd is a lot easier with a head full of green hair. But don't have time to sit in a salon to get the complete treatment done? Pick up Sparks Ivy Complete Color Kit for the easiest way to apply color to your hair! Complete with Green Ivy 3oz, Powder Lightener 1.05oz, 0 vol Creme Developer 3oz, tint brush, application bowl, a pair of gloves, and a dip-dye tutorial guide, you have everything you need to dye your hair in the comfort of your home. With clean and dry hair, follow the directions on how to use the Powder Lightener to lighten hair before applying the color. Rinse, dry, and you're good to go!

RSP: $10.99

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