Beauty Store Business magazine - June, 2019 Launches Online Beauty Evaluation Tool Launches Online Beauty Evaluation Tool has debuted Beauty Advisor, an esthetician-created evaluation tool that allows customers to obtain a professional-level assessment of their skincare and beauty needs in minutes using an online questionnaire.

“The Beauty Advisor was devised to allow our customers to obtain a personalized beauty profile without leaving home. Created by our licensed estheticians, the new tool gives each user her own custom evaluation,” said Brian Stewart, manager of design and customer interaction for

The Beauty Advisor is’s latest consumer resource in its ongoing effort to offer educational resources that help customers make informed decisions. By answering the types of questions that would be asked during a salon consultation, each user receives a personal “how-to” guide customized to her needs.

Beauty Advisor starts with the importance of a daily regimen and builds on the basics of good skincare practices, including product or product-type recommendations, and ingredients to seek out or avoid.’s goal is to help customers find the products that best fit their skincare and lifestyle needs, allowing them to see better results, receive more satisfaction from their shopping experience and a greater return on their investment in personal-care products. If additional guidance is desired, offers personalized consultations with its licensed estheticians—either by phone or by email. boasts more than 9,000 products for healing and maintaining healthy skin. The specialty retailer's offerings also include clinical-grade and dermatologist-recommended skin care, as well as popular and salon-level hair care and cosmetics.

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