Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Skincare Spotlight: Teenage Skin Care 101

Understand the importance of teaching teenagers good skincare habits to sell more products.

I was 15 when my grandmother first took me to see an esthetician for a facial. This was on top of the fact that my father is a dermatologist and was carefully looking at my skin and the emergence of a few pimples here and there. My grandma told me that while my father was always going to be able to fix pimples, the esthetician would be able to teach me how to prevent them. She would teach me about skin health care. I am forever grateful for that first facial visit.

When speaking with my father, dermatologist Dr. Luigi L. Polla, about the topic of teenage skin care, he confirms that early skincare habits are essential, and that the skincare advice given to teenagers should focus on three things: skin hygiene, acne treatment and prevention, and sun care.

With these three bases covered, teenagers can age gracefully and avoid permanent acne scarring that plagues so many people. Remember that these habits are not complicated. They do not need to be expensive, and they will set up teenage customers for self care through skincare for life.

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[Image courtesy of Ada S. Polla; Photo by Kelli Dailey, Third Line Studios]