Sinful Colors Collaborates with Vanessa Hudgens to Create A New Cosmetics Line

Sinful Colors, best known for their exclusive nail collections, has begun a collaboration with actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens to create a new line of cosmetics ranging from mascara and eyeliner to eye-shades and highlighters. They will continue to expand the product line further in 2018.

Hudgens, known for her ever-changing personal style reflected in her hairstyles, wardrobe and intense makeup looks, found Sinful Colors to be a natural fit for her first foray into the cosmetics industry.

"I was already a fan of the SinfulColors nail color brand, so to become their global color collaborator, launching the first-ever Sinful Colors cosmetics collection, is an honor," said Vanessa Hudgens, SinfulColors global color collaborator.

Hudgens' vibrant personality was the best choice for Sinful Colors to launch new and exciting products. Siobhan McCarthy, senior director of marketing, Sinful Colors comments, "Vanessa epitomizes the Sinful Colors beauty lover: expressive, a risk-taker, creative and inclusive. She inspires her millions of fans and followers to try hot trends, making her the perfect partner for this all new cosmetics line."

The line's bold colors are designed to appeal to millennials and Gen Z beauty enthusiasts, who are the bulk of Hudgens' fan base. Hudgens expressed her enthusiasm about her collaboration, "the products are so unexpected, and not like anything I have seen before. This is a collection I can't wait to share with my friends and fans."

Sinful Colors' fan base has also been asking for "the brand to bring their trend expertise and obsession for bold, vibrant colors and innovative formats into the color cosmetics category," said Fabian Urquijo, senior vice president marketing, Revlon Portfolio Brands, including Sinful Colors. For the past 25 years, Sinful Colors has been the top choice for beauty lovers who want vibrant and innovative colors to clear the way for self-expression.

Affordable price points, starting at $3.99, were set to appeal to the more cost-conscious demographic and to allow for young consumers to purchase multiple products. Through early 2018 over 100 new cosmetics products will be available through select retailers. For more information, visit