Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Seaweed’s Beauty Benefits Revealed

Seaweed is an increasingly popular ingredient in the beauty industry thanks to its many benefits to skin and hair.

Let’s unravel the secrets of seaweed so that you and your staff can inform customers about this wonder ingredient’s antiaging, hydrating and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Seaweed achieves its well-documented benefits to the skin and hair due to its rich amounts of antioxidants, polysaccharides, amino acids, proteins such as peptides, lipids, minerals, vitamins and a host of secondary metabolites. Scientifcally studied and highly sustainable, seaweed is truly a proven super ingredient. A metastudy that examined the effectiveness of macroalgae [seaweed] in beauty products confirmed the ingredient’s advantages for moisturizing, antiaging care, protection against free radicals, prevention of skin flaccidity and wrinkles and protection against UV radiation. What does that mean for your customer? Seaweed has true value in any skincare regimen. When looking for seaweed products for your store, keep in mind that the ingredient may be listed by its scientific, Latin name (for example, the seaweed bladderwrack may be listed as Focus vesiculosus) or another variation of the word “algae,” such as “algae peptides” or “macroalgae.” While there are many different types–including green, brown and red seaweed as well as kelp and bladderwrack–thankfully, all of them provide similar benefits to skin and hair.

Since seaweed has been studied rigorously, you can assure customers that it is one of the rare ingredients that actually lives up to its hype. More than that, it satisfies the preferences of your environmentally conscious customers. According to a study published in Cosmetics in December 2017, the beauty industry “is highly committed to finding natural sources of functional/bioactive-rich compounds, preferably from sustainable and cheap raw materials, to deliver innovative products and solutions that meet consumers’ expectations. Macroalgae are an excellent example of a natural resource that can fit these requirements.”

So, as a naturally occurring, easy-to-harvest, sustainable ingredient, seaweed is beneficial not only to clients, but also to the beauty industry as a whole.

When stocking skincare solutions containing seaweed, your best bets are moisturizing creams, detox creams, serums, masks, bath salts and soaps. These products are ideal for any skin type and of special interest to customers looking for light formulations offering nourishing, long- lasting hydration. Thanks to seaweed’s ability to activate the skin’s collagen and increase collagen production, those with tired-looking complexions can experience a beauty boost with regimented use, too.

Your shelves should reflect the demand for seaweed-based products as it continues to grow year by year. Keep your offerings versatile to meet your customers’ varied needs. Remember, seaweed-infused oral supplements are popular and come in many forms that leave skin looking more youthful as well. While one client may be looking to smooth fine lines with a daily dose of a hydrating cream, another may be seeking to ingest seaweed as a supplement.

Share our cheat sheet (at right) with your staff for a quick tutorial on seaweed’s myriad beauty benefits. It will help you to help your customers reap the rewards of this highly sustainable, natural beauty wonder ingredient.

Abundant seaweed provides abundant benefits to skin and hair.

  • Brightens Skin and Targets Hyperpigmentation: Seaweed can help make skin radiant and blemish-free since it contains niacin, which is known for brightening complexions and reducing hyperpigmentation.
  • Protects Skin from Sun Damage: Studies have shown that naturally occurring compounds in seaweed can help combat the negative effects of UV radiation on skin and hair.
  • Promotes Collagen Production: Since it’s rich in vitamin C, seaweed supports collagen production, which can promote younger-looking skin.
  • Repairs Hair Damage from Heat Styling: Seaweed-based haircare products help repair strands damaged by heat or overstyling, promote hydration, control oil and reduce hair loss.
  • Deeply Cleanses Skin: Thanks to its exfoliating and detoxifying properties—in particular its iodine content—seaweed can help clear out dead cells and heavy metals for clean, smooth and healthy skin.
  • Helps Manage Rosacea and Skin Inflammation: Since seaweed is packed with B vitamins (among numerous naturally occurring nutrients), it can help reduce acne-related inflammation and redness as well as skin conditions such as rosacea.