Qosmedix to Distribute Betty Dain & Colotrak Products

Qosmedix is now an authorized distributor of Betty Dain and Colortrak products, which allows the company to provide these ultra-popular salon supplies to industry professionals.

The Betty Dain Collection is comprised of capes and aprons, including the following best-sellers: the Bleachproof All Purpose Cape, the Whisper Styling Cape, the Luminous Stylist Apron and the Convertible Stylist Apron. In addition, Qosmedix carries the favorite Betty Dain Folding Tray, perfect for salon stylists or traveling makeup artists.

The Colortrak Collection is comprised of a wide range of colorful products, such as precision and wide hair color brush sets, a balayage board, mixing bowls, whisks and more.

Salon buyers and retailers can visit www.qosmedix.com to place an order or to learn more about these products.