Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Q&A with Lance Wahl

Leo Wahl’s great-grandson and global vice president of professional products, Lance Wahl, talks pro beauty.

Q: Beauty Store Busines: How has the Wahl Clipper Corporation contributed most to the professional beauty market—and, in particular, the men’s grooming boom?
A: Wahl has stayed true to the company’s course and remained committed to quality tools, while focusing on making blades with even more precision that resonate with professionals and allow them to do their jobs the right way.

Q: Looking forward, how does Wahl want to lead in
this segment?
A: We want to continue to be known as the innovators in our category by understanding what our industry wants in new tools. We are now fortunate to be known around the world, so the industry can find our tools (and the same performance using these tools) anywhere.

Q: What do you value most about the company your great- grandfather founded and you continue to help run today?
A: The people. We would be nothing without the people who help build our tools and are continuously helping us to improve the performance of them. Our sales people and educators are also great ambassadors for us and have taken us where we are today.

Q: What is truly unique about Wahl and the products it makes?
A: Our authenticity. As the inventor of our category and our 100 years of history, we have the privilege of time on our side. Time, coupled with being the drivers of innovation, I believe, creates this authenticity.

Q: As the company celebrates 100 years, reflecting back, what has worked since the very beginning? What do you wish to change?
A: My great-grandfather invented the electromagnetic motor-driven clipper. This kind of motor has no moving or wear parts. So, if professionals take care of these units, they can last forever (except for replacing the blade)! We hear from customers all the time that they have 25-year-old plus clippers that they still use every day. That kind of longevity creates confidence in our brand and has really worked for us. We just have to make sure we stay a step ahead of others in our category!

Q: Where do you think men’s grooming will grow in the year ahead?
A: Cordless tools. Professionals now have faith in these items, led by the Cordless Magic Clip and followed by the Cordless Senior. The battery life lasts as long as the strenuous day of a professional. Pros are also appreciating the nuances of our new blades that allow the hair to “lay” nicely.