Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Q&A With CPNA's Daniela Ciocan

Beauty Store Business recently chatted with Cosmoprof North America's marketing director, Daniela Ciocan, to provide all key details about the upcoming show's educational lineup and offerings. Look for the full Q&A interview, "CPNA Releases New Educational Offerings" by Liz Barrett, in the May print issue (starting on page 26) out around mid-April or so.

Beauty Store Business: Is there a beauty stores tour planned this year?
On Saturday, July 11, attendees can participate in our “Tour of Las Vegas’ Best Beauty Retailers.” Guided by Marc Birenbaum of Beauty Store Business, this is a behind-the-scenes look into Las Vegas’ best and most diverse beauty-retail environments.

Guests will gain innovative tips on how to run a successful retail business while visiting the dynamic and unique beauty landscape of this spirited city. Included on the itinerary are the specialty boutique Skins 6|2, the popular mass-market beauty concept LOOK Boutique at Walgreens, and the all-inclusive beauty destination LOOK Style Society at Town Square.

Marc will share an in-depth overview of signage, displays, merchandising, impulse-buy displays and product placement too.

Truly fulfilling for the mind and the senses, this multisensory tour will also include an exclusive opportunity to join in an event with Sniffapalooza’s Karen Dubin and Karen Adams. They will use fragrance, wine and chocolate so that attendees can experience scents in a new way.

Are there any free educational events this year?
Yes, “Beauty Gone Viral: The Online Influencers” is a free session where attendees can hear directly from our participating social-media gurus about how they use various online channels to build their followings and brands awareness—and, of course, get photos and chat with their favorite online personalities. [Editor’s notes: This is an event in partnership with BSB. Also, a well-known celebrity makeup artist may surprise attendees by stopping by to give his/her insights during this session.]

The 13th edition of Cosmoprof North America is scheduled for July 12-14 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Information about CPNA 2015's educational program can be now viewed at Look under Conferences and under Special Events.

[Image courtesy of Cosmoprof North America]