Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Owner of The Beauty Box in Southern California Opens Candle Collection Shop Next Door

Owner of The Beauty Box in Southern California Opens Candle Collection Shop

When The Beauty Box—the popular apothecary with a curated selection of niche and well-known beauty products on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, California—launched in 2005, it was an instant success with makeup artists, hairstylists, celebrities and consumers.

Now founder and owner Regina Tseikhin has brought her good taste in beauty products and her ability to discover the latest and greatest under-the-radar brands into the home realm with the launch of the Candle Collection Shop, a new store carrying an exclusive selection of curated candle and home brands—right next door to The Beauty Box.

“This has been my dream for the past two years,” says Tseikhin. “I’ve long been fascinated by candles and the way they can blend both beauty and home, and wanted to create a special atmosphere where customers can select from an incredible array of brands and candle styles to enhance their living spaces.”

Marketed as the first of its kind in Studio City and Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley, the Candle Collection Shop offers a wide variety of niche candles and home accessories—including pillars, diffusers and other decorative items from brands such as Thompson Ferrier, Modern Alchemy, Rigaud and Illume. In all, more than 1,000 items are offered in an 800-square-foot, teal-and-gold-décor space.

Similar to The Beauty Box, the Candle Collection Shop aims for an apothecary feel and a small-store mentality of delivering exceptional customer service with great niche and well-known brands in a colorful, luxe environment.

[Image courtesy of the Candle Collection Shop]