Beauty Store Business magazine - June, 2019

Online Sampling Program Targets Women of Color

Courtesy of My Shade of Brown

Online beauty-sampling program My Shade of Brown has launched, offering women of color premium-sized beauty, skincare and haircare samples specially tailored to their skin colors and hair types.

“A lot of women I knew, including myself, had what I like to call a ‘beauty junkyard.’ Women of color have to sample so many products to find ones that are just right for us. This was my inspiration behind starting my company,” said My Shade of Brown’s creator Meki Adefris, who is of Ethiopian descent.

My Shade of Brown caters to all women of color, including Latina, African-American, Asian and Southeast Asian. It is partnering with brands that are sensitive to the beauty needs of women of color, including established and emerging brands. Current participating brands include Yana Cosmetics, Pooka Pure & Simple, Lamik Beauty and Nourishea.

Subscribers have the option of a monthly membership, a three-month membership, a six-month membership or a yearly membership. Enrollees receive the sampling program’s signature "Pillow Box" of four or five samples, ranging from foundation to nail polish.

The beauty-sampling program has grown at a rate of 20% to 25% per month since My Shade of Brown launched in February, say company officials. Presently, it has more than 700 Facebook followers and more than 600 subscribers. The company is privately owned by Adefris.

[Image: Courtesy of My Shade of Brown]