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NRF Debuts "This is Retail: Careers, Community, Innovation" Campaign

NRF Debuts "This is Retail: Careers, Community, Innovation" Campaign

The National Retail Federation has announced a new initiative to broaden and enhance perceptions of the retail industry beyond providing consumers with great products. Its "This is Retail: Careers, Community, Innovation" campaign will highlight the industry’s opportunities for lifelong careers, how retailers strengthen communities at home and abroad, and the critical role that retail plays in driving innovation.

NRF president and CEO Matthew Shay introduced the campaign while addressing students and top retail executives on April 11 during Global Retailing Conference 2013 in Tucson, Arizona.

Shay also sent a letter to Capitol Hill to highlight the importance of the initiative and to encourage larger discussions about the impact retail has on the economy, consumers and American jobs.

A centerpiece of the campaign is the interactive website, which will fully launch in June with dynamic, original content, the latest industry news, retail case studies and research.

The campaign will also be marked by significant investments in grass roots, social media and communications, including:

  • A "This is Retail" Road Show and calendar of events that will include thought leadership from industry insiders on how changing the perception of retail is critical to growth
  • The release of new, original research that explores trends within community building, retail innovation and what young people are looking for as they enter the job market
  • Unique social-media crowd-sourcing initiatives with heavy emphasis on gathering creative content and stories
  • New grassroots initiatives to enhance policy-makers' understanding of the industry, including retail roundtables in targeted congressional districts
  • National advertising in multiple media, including print, digital and radio

[Image courtesy of the National Retail Federation]