Beauty Store Business magazine - November, 2019

New Acting Chief Executive Officer for Cosmetologists Chicago

Cosmetologists Chicago president Karen Gordon has announced the appointment of Frank Fulco as the organization's acting chief executive officer, effective November 4, 2019.

Prior to joining the Cosmetologists Chicago team, Fulco gained years of experiences in sales, business development and strategic planning for major manufacturers and distributors He is a passionate leader with deep knowledge about the professional beauty industry. Fulco is also honored as one of just a handful of CEO’s in the 100-year history of Cosmetologist Chicago. He stands out for understanding all sides of the professional beauty industry from manufacturing to sales. In addition to leading Cosmetologists Chicago, Falco will now be in charge of America’s Beauty Show, one of North America’s biggest professional beauty shows.

“This is a decision that the Board took very seriously and we look forward to Frank’s expertise and vision to guide Cosmetologists Chicago and America’s Beauty Show into the future,” said Cosmetologists Chicago president Gordon. “As the industry changes, so does Cosmetologists Chicago. We look forward to creating the future together.”