Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Nearly $28 Billion Has Been Spent So Far This Holiday Season

More shoppers showed up for Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday this year than ever before. Furthermore, nearly half of Thanksgiving and Black Friday shoppers spent more this year than they did in 2014, according to post-Thanksgiving weekend insights.


The 2015 International Council of Shopping Centers Thanksgiving/Black Friday Shopping Report shows that nearly half of Americans who shopped on these two days this year spent more than they did at the same time last year:
45% say they spent more
32% say they spent the same
23% say they spent less

Of the two days, Black Friday still takes the lead, with half of Americans saying they made purchases on that day. But Thanksgiving shopping is on the rise: Overall, one-third of Americas shopped on Thanksgiving Day this year—up from 23% in 2014.

Of those who shopped on Thanksgiving and/or Black Friday, 80% say they made a purchase at a physical store. On Black Friday specifically, 32% made a “click and collect” purchase: buying items via online retailers that have a physical store presence in order to pick up their items in store. Fifty-eight percent of shoppers made additional purchases when picking up an item that was bought online in store on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday.

“The use of ‘click and collect’ this [past] Thanksgiving holiday weekend highlights the growing popularity of omnichannel shopping,” said Jesse Tron, ICSC Spokesperson. “Even with competition from online retailers, the physical store continues to play a central role in the shopping experience, and this is not expected to change.”

The average Thanksgiving and/or Black Friday shopper spent $557 on those two days, divided as follows:
$245 in physical stores
$120 with online-only retailers
$110 online via retailers with a physical presence, for items shipping to their home
$82 online via retailers with a physical presence, for items to pick up in store

In addition, consumers knew what they wanted, especially Thanksgiving shoppers. The average shopper visited 2.7 stores and made a purchase at 2.5 stores on Thanksgiving Day. On Black Friday, they visited 3.3 stores and made a purchase at 2.8 stores.

Although the popular Thanksgiving retail weekend has passed, many shoppers still expected that the best was yet to come with regards to shopping deals and steals when asked for their predictions for December:
37% of consumers expected the deals/promotions in December would be better than what was found over the Thanksgiving weekend
51% anticipated similar deals/promotions
12% expected that the deals/promotions wouldn't be as good

[Image: Getty Images/Gazimal]