Beauty Store Business magazine - November, 2019

Mireya Villarreal

Feature: Top 20 CEOS Under 40

With blazing energy and business savvy, these young CEOs are leading the beauty industry into a new era.

One thing is for sure: the beauty industry has transformed drastically in the last 10 to 15 years. In that time, some new faces — and products — have appeared on the scene, as well as technological innovations that have transformed the way we market, discover and share new products with the world.

In the Pink

In the Pink
Pink Pewter, headed by forward-thinking designer Mireya Villarreal, finds success by transforming hairstyles—and lives—through her multitasking hair accessories.

Mireya Villarreal, founder and designer at Pink Pewter in Bartlett, Illinois, literally grew up in the beauty industry, spending her formative years in her mother's nearby hair salon in Melrose Park, a small suburban town in the Chicago area. And though she eventually achieved plenty of success as a hairstylist in her own right—working behind the scenes for runway models and music performers—she found a new calling as an accessories designer in 2006 when she began handcrafting pieces for her 5-year-old daughter.