Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Makeup Musings: Makeup Education

It's the key today to unlock today's knowledge-thirsty consumers as well as your beauty store's success in this product category.

In a world where knowledge is power, it's not just industry professionals who want to educate themselves about makeup. Lucky for us, we in the beauty business are able to reap the benefits. The staggering amount of knowledge-hungry consumers is growing every day. Not only do hairstylists want to expand on their makeup skills, but everyday women are eager to learn how to choose and apply the correct colors on themselves. By taking advantage of this thirst for knowledge, it not only can translate into elevated makeup sales, but also allows brands to create more education-based products and marketing for consumers.

I started to notice this trend about seven years ago when I began subscribing to a few YouTube channels that featured young women and some makeup artists teaching celebrity-inspired makeup tutorials. At the time these channels were small and had a cult following. Now, only a few years later, being a “YouTuber” is a job title and a lucrative career. YouTube sensations such as the Pixiwoo sisters (1.8 million subscribers and co-founders of Real Techniques makeup brushes) and Michelle Phan (7.7 million subscribers and founder of em michelle phan) are making big bucks and launching lines of their own. But what these women and many other YouTube sensations brought to consumers was free makeup education to viewers all over the world. It was, and still is, a convenient way for the average makeup lover to learn tricks and techniques right at their own personal computer or mobile device. Thanks to this, there has been a major spike in the amount of people who want to become makeup artists, certain brands catapulted to success right along with their favorite You Tubers, and there has been an overall rise in makeup sales due to sponsorship opportunities on these channels and word of mouth. I mention all of this because from my point of view, the desire to learn and the ability to call yourself a makeup artist has grown so much over the past few years, changing our industry for the better.

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[Image courtesy of Lori Leib]