Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Loxa Beauty Opens for Business

Loxa Beauty Opens for Business

Since the recent acquisition of Loxa Beauty by BSG in February, is now officially up and running. The brand offers consumers more than 3,000 products, supported by major salon professional brands, and the latest, up-to-date trends from professionals.

Loxa has increased consumer access to thousands of stylists/salons. The new ecommerce site is committed to offering the ultimate shopping experience and consistently speaking with haircare and salon professionals to expand its brand and product offering. Currently, it features more than 30 salon professional brands, catered to consumers' specific hair types and needs.

"We are offering the ultimate shopping experience to consumers because of our commitment to salons and stylists," said Danielle McDowell, Loxa Beauty marketing director and co-founder. "We have top quality products and insert the voice of the expert with exclusive tips from pros, which allows us to create the ultimate connection to great hair. We are growing in several aspects daily (brand offerings, stylist and consumer sign-ups, etc.) and hope to continue the expansion!"