Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Kenig + Alcone Debuts in New York

 Kenig + Alcone

The creators of Kenig + Alcone have dubbed their new New York beauty store a beauty lab, stocking it with international indie brands, exclusive product collaborations, innovative inventions and cult favorites, according to the brand.

Owners Ricky Kenig and Vincent Mallardi of Alcone, together, are pouring more than 60 years of professional beauty experience into their new venture. Kenig comes from acclaimed beauty retailer Ricky's NYC and maintains a background rich in the New York fashion scene and innovative hairstyling. Mallardi hails from the world of makeup.

The retailer boasts a knowledgeable staff and an opportunity for customers to immerse themselves in beauty, whether hair or makeup, both of which have a dedicated floor within the retail space. A working salon also occupies the retail space.

[Image courtesy of Kenig + Alcone]