Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Jason Ross On The Creation Of Mod Clean Disinfectant Pods

Modifi Products president Jason Ross aims to make the beauty industry more eco-friendly with easy-to-use disinfectant pods for salons.

When Jason Ross, an entrepreneur and the founder of TSM Studio, teamed up with Bennet Parke, a hairstylist and the co-owner of Xander Blue Salon in Orlando, Florida, magic happened. The duo runs Modifi Products, makers of the Mod Clean Disinfectant Pods, which help stylists save money, time and even the environment by replacing the need for large plastic bottles filled with disinfectant. Here, we take a look at how their business venture came about, and what plans they have in store for the future.

Beauty Store Business: Tell us how your background in marketing prepared you for running your own company.
Jason Ross: In 2004, I started a media/marketing company, and throughout the last 15 years was fortunate enough to work with a variety of clients across many different industries. I was able to learn about what really appealed to people. All these experiences over the years helped with launching Mod Clean.

How did the idea for the premeasured disinfectant pods come about?
My business partner, Bennet Parke, has been a hairstylist for 25 years. He initially tried to develop different color variations for liquid disinfectants for a more interesting look. He realized, however, that the weight of the liquid could not make this operation cost-effective. More research was done, which eventually led to a premeasured powder formulation,
12 times lighter and much smaller: the pod.

What was the formulation process like?
Disinfectants are heavily regulated by the EPA, which imposes stringent codes for packaging, marketing and distributing. It took several years before we were able to offer Mod Clean to the public.

What would you like salon owners and stylists to know about your product?
Mod Clean has many advantages: The pods are premeasured. Just drop it in 32 ounces of water and it will 100 percent dissolve on its own. Compared to heavy, 4-pound liquid bottle disinfectants, one 32-count bag of Mod Clean weighs just 5 ounces. Our pods come in small, space-saving bags; they fit almost anywhere and free up space for the user. Our packaging is eco-friendly. Mod Clean’s small bags contribute to far less plastic waste than the usual large plastic bottles. Pods are cost-effective because they are premeasured and do not spill–you truly get 32 uses out of one bag. Mod Clean can be used in many different ways: Just dissolve a pod in a 32-ounce spray bottle and use it to disinfect sinks, countertops, shampoo bowls and more.

Mod Clean Disinfectant

Can you tell us about your recyclable packaging?
In this day and age, it's very important that we all do our best to help save our environment and be proactive in making the best choices to preserve our planet. Our bags are made from recyclable materials and, because of their small size, create far less waste than big plastic bottles (in volume).

What are your long-term goals for Modifi Products?
Growth. Now that the disinfectant pods are gaining popularity in the industry, we need to continue educating people on the product and its advantages, hopefully capturing an always-larger slice of the market.

Are you currently developing any new products?
We cannot really talk about that, but yes–we are always working on developing new products based on trends and the needs of the market. However, we just launched Mod Clean jars to complement the pods and are excited to have people use them with our product.

What advice can you offer other entrepreneurs in the beauty industry?
Study, research and network. It is important to talk to people in the industry to understand their needs and develop products that can make their lives easier. They know best. Styles change, trends update and the people in the industry are the ones who can tell you what would work or why it would not. It takes all of our knowledge and all of their input to create a long-lasting and successful brand.

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