Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Innersense Beauty Forges New Partnership for More Sustainble Packaging

Continuing the industry-wide trend to move toward more sustainable packaging, award-winning clean haircare brand Innersense Organic Beauty has announced its partnership with Plastic Pollution Solutions to research, test and implement more eco-friendly packaging for its clean beauty, organic haircare line.

“We’re making a bold pledge to enlist more viable packaging alternatives,” said Innersense Organic Beauty founder Greg Starkman. “Our line is already packaged in recyclable plastic, but we want to take it a step further as we expand globally. As a leader in this space, it’s not only our duty to ensure our packaging is as sustainable as the ingredients within, but we feel we should be a sustainability trailblazer as well.”

The partnership with Plastic Pollution Solutions continues Innersense Organic Beauty’s commitment to sustainability. The brand is already A Certified Bay Area Green Business, Made Safe and Think Dirty verified brand. It incorporates green/recycled packaging options in its shipping department as well.

“We are excited to partner with Innersense Organic Beauty on this heartfelt journey. The search for an alternative to their current packaging will require an innovative approach,” says Lia Colabello, Managing Principal of Plastic Pollution Solutions. “The team at Innersense Organic Beauty is committed and passionate about this initiative, and we are all eager to embark on this project.”

Innersense Organic Beauty employs stringent criteria to maintain the purity of its products, which are formulated with Certified Organic ingredients and shipped to consumers, salons, stylists and green beauty retailers across the globe.

Photo courtesy of Innersense Beauty