Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020


Infrared: The New Wave in Beauty

Discover how haircare and skincare manufacturers are applying invisible infrared wavelengths that exist naturally to tools and devices that deliver remarkable results.

Infrared–it’s one of those technologies that sounds like it could be a superpower. It has the gravity of an unknown cure-all, and in some ways, it is. Infrared technology has been clinically proven to assist healing when applied to the skin. And its fast yet gentle, deep-penetrating heat makes it the perfect technology for straightening or curling while reducing heat-related damage to hair.

Sutra Beauty InfraRed 2 Flat Iron

Sutra Beauty's InfraRed 2 Ionic Infrared Flat Iron features 1-inch, rose gold titanium plates, a 360-degree swivel cord, dual voltage and infrared heating to help seal heat into the hair shaft—helping hair remain smoother and protecting it from damage caused by environmental stressors. The iron's rounded edges offer easier styling and control, and the plates heat up to 450 degrees in seconds flat.

SRP: $170

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