Beauty Store Business magazine - November, 2019

ICMAD's Busiek Speaks Out on New Regulatory Legislation

On November 1, Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors' (ICMAD) CEO and president, Pam Busiek, released an official statement concerning Senator Orrin Hatch’s (R-Utah) legislation, the FDA Cosmetic Safety and Modernization Act, which was introduced to congress on October 25, 2017. ICMAD, a non-profit trade association, supports businesses ranging from startups to multinational corporations in the cosmetics and personal care industry. Hatch’s legislation would modernize the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938, which most industry experts agree, sorely needs to be updated.

“ICMAD and its more than 800 member-companies support modernization of federal regulation of cosmetics as a means to provide long-term support for American companies’ leading role in promoting quality and innovation in the global cosmetics industry. We welcome Senator Orrin Hatch’s (R-Utah) introduction of the FDA Cosmetic Safety and Modernization Act as a step in the right direction,” Busiek stated. She acknowledged taht oversight of cosmetics by the FDA was good for consumers by giving them reassurance of cosmetic safety—and good for businesses as it provides clear guidance. Yet, while she approved of the progress being made, she called for a clearer national standard for ingredient safety review, which would not cause undo harm to independent manufacturers.

“Senator Hatch’s legislation makes important progress in updating federal regulations to give consumers the highest level of confidence in products that are an important part of their daily lives. However, there is more work to do. As written, the bill does not yet provide a clear and uniform national standard for ingredient safety review, which is critical to both large and small independent cosmetics manufacturers across the country who are burdened with cumbersome and overlapping regulations,” she said.

She also made clear that ICMAD supports another piece of legislation that the organization believes does a better job of regulating cosmetic safety that is better for business—while still protecting consumers. “ICMAD continues to support the Cosmetic Modernization Amendment, sponsored by Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX), as a strong approach to modernization and oversight of cosmetics that avoids stifling innovation and removes barriers for businesses of all sizes to participate in the cosmetic marketplace.”

Busiek suggested that Senator Hatch use Congressman Session’s bill to improve his current legislation. “We believe Congressman Sessions’ bill serves as a guide for additional legislative efforts by Senator Hatch and others in the Senate,” she said, adding, “We look forward to continuing to work with Senator Hatch to build on this initial legislative effort to enhance consumer confidence while also providing a strong and level foundation for future innovation, by businesses of all sizes.”

Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA), who proposed an updated version of her Personal Care Products Safety Act in May, expressed willingness to work with senator Hatch legislation—as did The Personal Care Products Council.