Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

HotHeads Mini-G Dry Shampoo Brush

HotHeads’ Mini-G: The Dry Shampoo Brush was designed with the technique of back-brushing in mind. The brush helps create volume and focus while leaving hair fresh by helping to dislodge the oil-soaked powder from dry shampoo. The brush, of course, also smooths the surface of the hair, creating natural shine. The Mini-G makes use of tri-colored bristles, each offering a different benefit for use with dry shampoo.

The nylon bristles lift roots for a thorough application; the natural black bristles remove oil build-up efficiently; and the natural white bristles shine/polish hair roots to ends. Together, they give the hair a fresh clean finish and instant va-va-voom!

As an added bonus, the Mini-G conveniently fits in your handbag, travel bag or gym bag easily making it your go-to brush for quick touch-ups and styling.

SRP: $19.50; Grooming Large Paddle Plus; SRP: $26.50

For more information visit, HotHeads Hair Brush.