Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Holiday Shoppers Expect More From Retailers

Holiday shoppers plan to shop both in-store (94%) and online (92%) this upcoming season, with 94% of consumers planning to shop from a computer and 49% making purchases from a mobile device, according to the 2015 Holiday Shipping Survey from Pitney Bowes, a global technology company that provides innovative products and solutions to power commerce. The survey results show that participants want an array of choices and alternatives they may select to address shopping, shipping and returns preferences.

“Options are no longer a privilege during the shopping experience. This holiday season consumers will expect the ability to choose their preference,” said Christoph Stehmann, COO of digital commerce solutions for Pitney Bowes. “Retailers must focus on offering diverse options—whether for shopping channel, shipping and return methods or even promotional offers—in order to attract consumers throughout their shopping experiences.”

In fact, 93% of consumers find shipping options to be an important factor in their overall shopping experience (a 23% increase from 2014). Overwhelmingly, 88% of those surveyed find free shipping with a five- to seven-day delivery to be more attractive than paying a fee for a one- to two-day delivery. Other consumer online spending habits include:

    Shopping Deals:
  • 39% are more willing to shop with retailers who offer a premium membership (a paid-for membership that offers faster and cheaper shipping)
  • 60% of respondents said they have increased their online spending in the past to qualify for free shipping
  • 60% have increased their online spending in the past to qualify for free shipping
  • 61% are more willing to shop online during a sales event
  • 68% have previously used a promotional code or coupon to receive a shipping discount
  • 80% would be more willing to purchase online if they had a promotional code or coupon
  • 20% prefer to have a courier pick up a package from their location
  • 38% prefer returning packages via a shipping provider
  • 39% prefer to return packages in a nearby store
  • 45% of women are more likely to return a package in a nearby store; versus 43% of men, who prefer to return a package via a shipping provider
  • 98% track their packages for an estimated time of delivery; with 39% tracking their orders via email, 30% tracking via a mobile device and 28% tracking via a retailer’s website

While survey results suggest consumers will be seeking options when it comes to shopping and shipping, they will also seek opportunities to shop consistently across the holiday season. When asked to select time periods in which consumers planned to do the majority of their shopping, results show that:

  • 13% will shop on the weekend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • 17% will shop on Cyber Monday
  • 26% will shop on Thanksgiving and Black Friday
  • 30% will shop before Thanksgiving
  • 34% will shop during the month of December
  • 41% will shop from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday

[Image courtesy of Pitney Bowes/Business Wire]