Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Help a Customer, Make a Sell

My interaction—or lack thereof—with customer-service associates in any store I plan to shop always impacts my final sale. If I’m in need of assistance and have difficulty locating an associate, I generally leave the store with no intention of returning to it. If the staff proves itself unknowledgeable about products that I’m unfamiliar with, I don’t make the purchase. If the staff is rude or negligent, I leave.

A white paper released by workforce-management consulting firm Axsium Group, and jointly presented by customer-experience management group Empathica, reveals that my responses to poor customer service are no different than the average shopper.

The study—which was available at the National Retail Federation’s recent convention and expo—was drawn from Empathica’s recent Consumer Insights Panel survey, which polled 5,000 consumers, and found the following:

• 80% of consumers in the United States and Canada indicate a positive impact on their shopping experience when staff appear motivated and eager to serve them
• 75% of consumers will walk out of the store or buy less if there aren’t enough knowledgeable associates available
• 40% of consumers cited lack of access to managers had a negative impact on their shopping experience

So, yes, fantastic customer service helps you make the sell. But do you ever think about how many customers are lost when poor customer service is presented?

Manyesha Batist