Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

A Growing Garden

Since 1967, Olivia Garden has successfully straddled the U.S. and European markets through constant innovation orchestrated by a multigenerational, family-run business.
A Growing Garden

“When our parents started their adventure in 1967, they aspired to build a worldwide company,” recalls Anne Maza, vice president of sales and marketing for Olivia Garden, with U.S offices in Antioch, California, and European offices in Herstal, Belgium. “The first order of business was to find a name that was memorable, feminine and easy to pronounce in multiple languages so they decided on Olivia Garden, a name that is indicative of a beautiful woman and that could be easily pronounced even for people of languages with completely different alphabets.”

That early foresight has proved invaluable as the company has grown from manufacturing synthetic wigs and hairpieces to becoming a worldwide player for consumers and professionals alike, with a reach into more than 65 countries and a second generation now carrying on its success. Beauty Store Business recently chatted with president Jean Rennette; his son, Pierre Rennette, vice president of special markets and export; and his daughter, Anne Maza, about how the company has grown—and how it remains on the cutting edge after nearly a half century in business.

Read the interview in the February 2015 Beauty Store Business digital edition.

[Photography by Armando Sanchez]