Beauty Store Business magazine - December, 2019

Gibs Grooming

GIBS Grooming Stiffy ‘Stache and Mohawk Glue

This new styling product is designed to keep hair hard and stiff all day long. It's essentially a dual-purpose, extreme-hold adhesive to set 'staches and upper spikes, while maintaining a rock hard style. Featuring ginseng and dragons blood, this dude glue strengthens and stimulates limp, lifeless hair, giving any style an unbreakable edge, while at the same time improving the overall health of hair follicles and cells to encourage growth. It also contains antimicrobial, antioxidant and astringent properties to keep bacteria at bay and allow skin to hold onto the beneficial properties.

GIBS Grooming Beard Oil

The GIBS Grooming CANCER SUCKS! promotion allows customers to buy a beard oil at the regular price and get a free GIBS Cancer Sucks black folding mustache and beard comb. It runs September-October, and is available in three fragrances: Bush Master Beard Oil, which offers a blend of grapefruit, tobacco flower, saffron and cedar; Voodoo Prince Beard Oil, which features hints of bergamot, sage and sandalwood; and Manscaper Beard Oil, which includes hints of nutmeg, leather, vanilla and musk. Call 844.GIBSMEN or visit