Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Get the Look: The Pompadour

Everything old is new again. Check out the once-again popular pompadour 2015!

Step 1: Apply pomade evenly through the hair. We like Woody's Quality Grooming Headwax.

Step 2: Use a rattail comb—such as The Cricket Co.'s Rattail Comb from the Ultra Smooth Cutting Comb Collection—to comb hair back and away from the face and evenly distribute the pomade.

Step 3: Part the hair on the preferred side.

Step 4: Use a boar bristle brush—such as the Bass Brushes Military Style Brush #107—to brush back the sides and slick them down.

See the remaining steps, as well as the finished look, in Beauty Store Business' January digital edition!

[Image: Getty Images/Jonathan Downey]