Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Fragrance Proves Essential to Beauty Routines

Poshly Fragrance Report

Eighty percent of women wear fragrance at least once a week, according to a report recently released by Poshly, which builds personalization technologies that connect beauty brands with beauty consumers.

The Fragrance Report covers fragrance preferences and shopping habits, amongst key insights; and is based on results from more than 11,000 beauty consumers. The insights may serve to help beauty retailers' fragrance considerations as they determine their level of investment in the category.

Some of the report's interesting findings include the following:

  • 68% of fragrance users will pick out a special scent for a special occasion
  • 58% of women carry perfume in their bag
  • 52% of women identify as "fragrance fanatics" who love to try and buy fragrances
  • 32% of beauty lovers switch between an eau de parfum and eau de toilette based on the season
  • 23% of consumers purchase fragrance products of the same scent to boost the fragrance
  • 15% of fragrance users buy if there‚Äôs a celebrity spokesperson

Specific to fragrance use:

  • 82% have not used an all-natural fragrance
  • 80% of women say they wear fragrance at least once a week
  • 75% of women consider fragrance a part of their beauty routine
  • 37% of women own 2-3 bottles fragrance, whereas 25% own five or more bottles of fragrance
  • 17% need their fragrance to be chemical free
  • 17% wear fragrance only for special occasions

The report also includes top fragrances for men and women. Some of the top brands making the cut include Chanel, Marc Jacobs, TOCCA and Issey Miyake.

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[Image courtesy of Poshly]