Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Fine Featherheads Launches DIY Extensions

Fine Featherheads Launches DIY Extensions

Feather hair extension creator Fine Featherheads has launched a DIY brand extension, allowing feather enthusiasts to install the product themselves for the first time.

Fine Featherheads launched on the West Coast in 2010 on the music-festival circuit. From there, its feather hair extensions were available through professional salons. Now, its hallmark product, as well as its hair accessories—including Fly Ties, TINT Hair Chalk and Quill Clips—are available to consumers. The company has told Beauty Store Business that it is making its products available at wholesale to beauty retailers and salons.

Each feather hair extension includes four complementary colored feathers, bonded at the tip. The DIY Kit includes two silicone-lined micro links to match hair color, and a loop installation tool. (Pliers to close the link—which is the final step—aren't included but are available on Fourteen colors are available. (Autumn is shown here.)

“In addition to wanting to make our feather hair extensions more readily available, we’ve also seen consumers trending toward personalization, and getting creative with their beauty products and practices,” says Fine Featherheads president and founder Dakota Hills. “We’re a fun-loving, laid-back lifestyle brand, and we want it to be easy for featherheads everywhere to install and uninstall as they wish.”

Removal of the feathers is simple, and the extensions can be washed, blow-dried and curled—same as natural hair. They can last up to six months depending on hair type and care.

The DIY Kit packaging features a QR code linking to a 90-second instructional video. The video shows how the extensions can be installed in five minutes or less.

Fine Featherheads Presents : How to install DIY Feathers from Fine Featherheads on Vimeo.

[Image and video courtesy of Fine Featherheads]