Beauty Store Business - August, 2019

Features: #Trending

Take a look at the top trends blowing up the beauty industry this year, and how you can make them work for your business.
2016 beauty trends

Strobing, tie-dying, glitter beards - you may have heard some of these terms floating around on social media and assumed the ’70s were back. Luckily, that is not the case. But it does leave the question: What exactly are these trends anyway? More importantly, what do they mean for your beauty professionals?

The short answer: These trending topics are a great opportunity to show off tried-and-true products in a brand-new spotlight. But beyond that, these buzzwords bring with them a little insight into the techniques, tools and products that will be carrying over into the future—as well as the innovative beauty professionals who will take us there.

Take a look at eight of the hottest beauty trends today, the familiar faces leading the charge, and some ideas on how you can take advantage of this exciting time in beauty. Read on in our April digital edition!

[Image courtesy of Philip Ring]