Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Feature: Top 20 CEOS Under 40

With blazing energy and business savvy, these young CEOs are leading the beauty industry into a new era.

One thing is for sure: the beauty industry has transformed drastically in the last 10 to 15 years. In that time, some new faces — and products — have appeared on the scene, as well as technological innovations that have transformed the way we market, discover and share new products with the world.

We spoke with 20 of the industry’s most successful young entrepreneurs to tap into their keen insights on this new age of beauty. Unsurprisingly, social media was largely credited for affording start-ups the opportunity to market great products without the costs that bring down many new businesses. To our surprise, however, many of these businessmen and businesswomen credit a certain entrepreneurial spirit for their success — rather than concrete decisions or strategies. Discover what the future of the industry holds, according to a few bright individuals who show us, it’s safe in their hands.

Our List:
Marlena Stell, CEO/Founder of Makeup Geek Cosmetics
Leyla Milani, President/Founder of Leyla Milani Hair
Linda and Chris Tawil, Co-Owners of Morphe Brushes
Manna Kadar, CEO/Owner of Manna Kadar Cosmetics
Lilit Caradanian, Owner/Creator of Elcie Cosmetics
Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, CEOs and Co-Founders of Glow Recipe
Letty Calvo, CEO of Vera Mona Cosmetics
Nancy Twine, CEO/Founder of Briogeo
Amanda Hume, Founder/Onwer of VERT Beauty
Ric Kostick, CEO of 100% PURE
Lauren Napier, CEO/Founder of CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER
Paris Manning, CEO/Founder of Velvet 59
Mireya Villarreal, Founder/Designer of Pink Pewter
Raychel Harrison, CEO of Nuuvo Haircare
Michael Dubin, CEO/Founder of Dollar Shave Club
Kelley Dawn Baker, Founder/Owner of Kelley Baker Brows
Briana Borten, CEO/Founder of The Dragontree
Samantha Nu Bounsom, CEO/Founder of Nubounsom

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