Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Facebook: The New Generation

Check out Facebook’s new features that could send your marketing efforts out of this world.
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-creator

Now that many businesses are comfortable with the design makeover Facebook recently received, many beauty-retail Web marketers rejoice that the changes are making it much easier for them to do business on the social network—both creatively and from a business-analytics perspective. One of the most popular of those changes is the ability to easily add framed content to a Facebook page—technically known as content presented within iFrames. Essentially, the change enables any online beauty store to easily mirror the Web design on its company’s homepage and other pages on a Facebook page—as long as it’s within a Facebook iFrame. Scores of designers across the Web are cheering the move, since attempting to duplicate the look and feel of a company’s website pages on Facebook had previously presented quite a challenge. Moreover, Web marketers say the introduction of easy iFraming also makes it much simpler for beauty stores to crunch analytics, track user activity on Facebook pages, and thoroughly analyze how sales and other sought-after conversions are unfolding on company Facebook pages.

[Image: Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder. All images courtesy of Joe Dysart.]