Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Credo Trail Blazes Fragrance Transparency

In an unprecedented move, Credo Beauty has established a Fragrance Transparency Policy, which requires greater ingredient transparency around "fragrance" from its brand partners—and consequently, suppliers. The policy starts immediately.

Manufacturers and suppliers have previously been reluctant to disclose the ingredients in "fragrance," fearing that proprietary blends might be copied. However, without having to disclose what is in the listed ingredient "fragrance," it has allowed potentially harmful ingredients to be included. With an increasing number of consumers wanting to know what is in their beauty products, especially the Credo Beauty customer, the lack of transparency has become an issue.

“The 4,000-plus ingredients that can be used in fragrance blends are rarely disclosed to consumers and shockingly, in many cases, aren’t even disclosed to the brands buying the blends from fragrance houses. Studies show that some of these hidden chemicals are linked to health issues like hormone disruption and skin sensitization,” according to Credo.

Credo’s new policy calls for both categorization and full disclosure.

Categorization requires all of Credo's 121 brand partners to categorize the source of their fragrance for every product. Categories include: unscented, essential oils, certified organic, natural, naturally-derived and synthetic.

Taking transparency to a higher level, Credo is also giving preference to brands that fully disclose all ingredients in their blends by making it more simple for customers to discover them, and will be hosting events to celebrate these companies. To date, more than 71 brand partners have agreed do this, including by/Rosie Jane, Abbott NYC, Heretic and Phlur.

Mia Davis, Credo’s director or environmental & social responsibility, will oversee the policy at Credo.

Credo Beauty has been a leader in the clean beauty movement, establishing The Credo Clean Standard and The Dirty List of banned ingredients in 2018. For more information, visit

Photo courtesy of Credo Beauty.