Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

CPNA 2016 to Debut DISCOVER Green Program

Cosmoprof North America is launching DISCOVER Green, a special area on the show floor this year for companies dedicated to green, eco-friendly, clean, organic and/or natural beauty products.

CPNA officials say that the decision to include a new “green” section comes on the heels of increased consumer awareness about the environmental impact and ingredient safety from the products—including in beauty and wellness—that they purchase.

Show officials add that the companies represented will cover the retail and the spa-distribution markets, and will include small indie brands as well as growing "power brands." The DISCOVER Green area, which is now being sold, is not making a distinction between the degree of “green appeal,” but rather it's embracing all categories of green and wellness.

Cosmoprof North America marketing director Daniela Ciocan says, “Each year we see an increase in the amount of exhibitors displaying natural products and an increase in our buyers’ interests in natural products to meet the growing consumer demand. DISCOVER Green was established to meet the needs for both. Exhibitors now have a focused platform to promote their unique, eco-friendly brands, and buyers have a curated, central location to discover them.”

CPNA is curating the area with Mary Bemis, Insider's Guide to Spas founder and editorial director.

[Image courtesy of Cosmoprof North America]