Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Consumers Will Shop In-Store for the Holidays

Consumers Will Shop In-Store for the Holidays

Consumers love a good deal—but will be drawn to brick and mortars this holiday season for the experience, according to the recently released study “Amazon Can’t Do That: Consumer Desire & the Store of the Future,” published by WD Partners, a customer-experience expert for global retail and food brands.

The study identifies what consumers are looking for in a shopping experience and presents a road map for brick and mortars to beat online-only retailers.

When asked to rank the best features of online and in-store shopping, consumers overwhelmingly ranked in-store features as more appealing.

The top five exclusive attributes of an in-store shopping experience are:

Immediate gratification—79% of consumers ranked instant ownership as a top factor in influencing how they shop.

Touchy feely—75% said that stores offer a sensory experience and immersion into the product that online retailers cannot.

Human connection—There’s no match for the emotional experience of interacting with live human beings in a compelling store environment.

Community—The store is America’s equivalent of the town square, a time to shop with family and friends.

Personal service—Store employees make a difference. Consider Nordstrom, Apple or Whole Foods Market, three top-performing retailers. They invest heavily in store employees—and shoppers love it.

“The store should be a place of inspiration and ideas that leaves shoppers with a high or sense of euphoria. The in-store shopping experience must offer more than a warehouse does,” says Lee Peterson, executive vice president of creative services at WD Partners. "Retailers that provide this type of shopping experience will be successful this holiday shopping season.”

[Image courtesy of WD Partners]