Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Consumers Buy More Online in Winter

An average of 34% of consumers buy more online in winter than at other times of the year, according to the participants of a survey conducted by One Hour Translation in eight key world markets during the latter half of January 2015. Winter is defined as January and February in seven countries; June, July and August in Australia.

The countries breakdown is as follows:

  • Canada: 44% bought more online in winter
  • United Kingdom: 43% bought more online in winter
  • Both the United States and the Netherlands: 36% purchased more online in winter
  • Australia: 34% buy more in the winter months
  • Germany: 32% buy more in the winter months
  • Japan: 27% buy more in the winter months
  • Italy: 23% buy more in the winter months

"The results of our new survey are extremely clear: Companies selling online are well-advised to concentrate their efforts in increasing online sales in the first quarter of the year, immediately after the Christmas period," said Ofer Shoshan, co-founder and CEO of One Hour Translation. "As the world's largest online translation agency, One Hour Translation is well-equipped to advise customers on this issue and to help them increase their online sales in the peak-demand winter period, as well as at other times of year."

An average of 46% of all participants responded that their online purchasing was steady throughout the year, as follows:

  • 56% in Japan
  • 55% in Italy
  • 53% in Australia
  • 48% in the United States
  • 47% in Germany
  • 42% in the United Kingdom
  • 41% in the Netherlands
  • 29% in Canada

An average of 15% of respondents answered that they did not buy more online in winter than at other times of the year, as follows:

  • 20% in the Netherlands
  • 19% in Germany
  • 17% in Canada
  • 13% in the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan
  • 12% in Italy
  • 10% in Australia

Only 5% of all participants said that they did not purchase online at all, as follows:

  • 10% in Canada and Italy
  • 4% in Japan
  • 3% in the United States, Australia and the Netherlands
  • 2% in the United Kingdom and Germany

The survey was jointly carried out with Google Consumer Surveys based on a representative sample of 800 respondents—100 from each of these countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Japan.

The survey results follow the results of a One Hour Translation survey completed in the fourth quarter of 2014 with 2,000 participants from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan and French-speaking Canadians. According to that survey, 83% of Italians prefer to buy goods and services online in their native language, compared with 80% of Germans, 65% of the Dutch, 74% of French-speaking Canadians and no less than 90% of Japanese people.

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