Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020

Coleman Harrison

Manufacturer Reps Share 2019 Business Goals & Beauty Trends!

Leading manufacturer reps discuss their goals and predictions for 2019.

The beauty of the beauty industry is that it’s constantly changing, innovating and evolving. In 2018, everything from glossy lips and rainbow hair to glittery liquid eyeshadows gained momentum. But what exciting trends will we be seeing this year? We spoke to top manufacturer reps for a glimpse into their personal business goals as well as their industry-wide projections for the year.

Order Anytime: Nectar by Coleman Harrison

Rep firm Coleman Harrison is launching Nectar, a new online ordering and product resource system that transforms the way manufacturer reps do business

Online retailers have made the concept of business hours obsolete; business is open 24/7. However, for most beauty retailers and distributors working with manufacturer reps, the same rules don’t apply–until now. Previously, retailers and distributors relied on directly contacting sales reps to assist with orders and, in doing so, were bound to more traditional hours and often a slower process in procuring product. However, retailers are increasingly seeking viable, digital alternatives in order to make operations run both faster and smoother.

J. White & Associates and Coleman/Harrison Join Forces

It was announced on May 1, 2017, that companies J. White & Associates and Coleman/Harrison have created a "strategic alliance," and plan on working together while maintaining their unique brand identities. The companies will unite their teams of talented professional sales agents to provide more in-depth coverage of the industry. Together, the teams will provide sales representation in the northeast, southeast, midwest and southwest regions, as well as for nationwide specialty retail.

Coleman Harrison Beauty Continues to Achieve New Milestones

From competition to business partners, Charlie Coleman and Tom Harrison are proud to announce that Coleman Harrison Southwest is on their way to celebrating their first anniversary in the business.

With headquarters in Dallas, Texas and a satellite office in St. Louis, Missouri, the organization provides services to customers in the Northeast, Midwest and Southwest.