Beauty Store Business magazine - September, 2019

City Lights Lockable Nail Tech Tool Case

The Lockable Nail Tech Tool Case by City Lights is both stylish and functional. Featuring a shiny, black-diamond design with black aluminum trim, the case is great for transporting nail polishes, nail art, lotion bottles, and nail solutions. The clear top compartment conveniently detaches, and features 18 holes for standard-size nail polish bottles, with removable foam inserts to accommodate smaller nail art bottles. The bottom compartment features a leather-like interior, spacious depth for storage, and removable foam insert with 6 holes, perfect for 8 oz. bottles. There is a lockable latch on each side of the case, and comes with 4 keys.

Measures: 12-1/2"H x 10"W x 6"D. Suggested Retail Price $79.49

For more details visit: Burmax or call Burmax at 1-800-645-5118.