Beauty Store Business - August, 2019


China Glaze Pastel Colors

China Glaze is highlighting its nail polish shades, which are perfectly fitting options for women looking to sport the 2016 Pantone colors of the year on their nails. Let’s Chalk About It is new for spring 2016 and a match for Pantone’s Rose Quartz. Boho Blues is the perfect match for Pantone’s Serenity color. Visit

EZFlow TruGel Optimize It! Base Coats

Available in January 2016, these base coats are designed to help nail polish wearers achieve truer color with sheer and neon gel polishes. Optimize It! Concealing Base Coat is pigmented with a soft neutral hue to hide nail imperfections and add depth to sheer gel colors while Optimize It! Brightening Base Coat's white pigment intensifies neon and bright gel polishes for a striking, vivid finish. Two new gel base coats provide superior adhesion and a smooth, even surface for flawless gel polish application. The base coats will launch in a 6-piece display and open stock.

EVOLUTIONMAN Rebel Nail Paints

These nail paints are formulated so that men can reap the benefits of a perfectly groomed MAN-icure. The smart and obscure paint collection references colors already seen and introduces them in a new, revolutionary light. The formulation is also toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate free; and will protect nails from environmental damage, ensuring a stronger, more resilient nail. The collection includes: Stand Out, a metallic charcoal paint with a crude matte finish. It can be used with Pure Matte nail varnish for longer wear. Pavement is a concrete-looking nail paint.

Dermelect Peptide-Infused Winter Nail Collection

Developed by celebrity nail tech Elle and featuring four season-inspired hues that steer clear of gray winter weather, Dermelect’s new colors create a sexy, coveted manicure. Better yet –the polishes offer Dermelect’s signature keratin protein peptide to help strengthen nails and extend the length of the manicure. The featured colors are Hold ‘ME’– Sparkled Midnight Noir; Thrill ‘ME’–Frosted Evergreen; Kiss ‘ME’–Velvet Crimson; and Sleigh ‘ME’–Arctic Shimmer. Call 888.693.3763 or visit