Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020


Elchim Wooden Paddle Brush

Elchim's new Wooden Paddle Brush is from the line's anti-static collection. Featuring a large, natural rubber surface, a pliable base and nearly 200 hand-crafted hornbeam pins, this sturdy brush gently massages the scalp to reactivate blood circulation while detangling tresses. Use it on wet or dry hair. It won't cause breakage or static, and can be used on any hair length, type and texture.

SRP: $37

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MOP Pomegranate Nourishing Oil

MOP's Pomegranate Nourishing Oil helps rebalance the hair and scalp’s moisture levels using a hydrating blend of omega-rich fatty acids to maintain proper pH balance and shine; sea buckthorn oil, chock-full of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C for overall hair and scalp health; neem leaf oil to improve the appearance of split ends and reduce frizz; argan oil, high in vitamin E and linolenic acid, to repair dry hair and restore softeness; and coconut oil, rich in fatty acids like lauric acid for natural UV and thermal protection.

SRP: $32

StyleCraft PeeWee 1200

StyleCraft's PeeWee 1200 is a portable, foldable, dual-voltage, 1,000-watt blowdryer that uses Tri-Plex Fusion technology to protect and condition the hair for smoother, softer, frizz-free, luminous locks. It's lightweight, features a 7-foot cord and comes in a easy-to-pack travel bag as well as an attachment nozzle and diffuser. Available in black or white.

SRP: $59.95

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Sutra Beauty Hair Cocktail

Packaged to look like a martini shaker, the Sutra Beauty Hair Cocktail combines coconut oil, rose petal oil and marula oil—fortified with nourishing antioxidants and vitamins C and E. Simply shake the canister and spray onto wet or dry hair for protection against heat damage while also providing sun protection, restored natural pH levels, dandruff control and thicker, shinier locks. After each shake, the oils in the bottle naturally separate again to maintain its beautiful appearance.

SRP: $40

L’Oréal Professionnel SerieExpert Blondifier Care System

To revive blonde hair while gently cleansing and conditioning it, look no further than the L’Oréal Professionnel SerieExpert Blondifier Care System. It helps give a multidimensional shine and softness to blonde hair using a formula infused with polyphenols from açaí berry extract, for intense nourishment and healthier locks.

SRP: $30 (each)

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Prorituals Radiance Serum

Prorituals' Radiance Serum is a clear gloss that effectively smooths and defrizzes hair. Made with glycerin, a plant-derived humectant, the product instantly gives hair a polished, frizz-free look—without oily build-up. It's a must-have hairstyling serum for stylists and their clients alike.

SRP: $18

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