Burmax Neck Duster and Nail Duster

The 100% Goat Hair Neck Duster from Scalpmaster Barber is made from soft bristles that allow loose hair clippings to be brushed off the face, neck and shoulders. It features a lightweight, metal-coated handle. The 5 ½" Nail Duster from DL Professional is also made from 100 percent goat hair, and effortlessly removes powders and nail filings during nail services. Its comfortable grip makes it ideal for nail techs, while clients can enjoy the feeling of its soft bristles.

SRP: $9.85 (each)

Olivia Garden Holiday Love Folding Pop-Up Brush

Olivia Garden's Holiday Love Folding Pop-Up Brush is a pocket brush for all hair types. It is designed with a mirror to make touch-ups and styling easy and accessible any time of the day. Convenient to carry around on your person or in your bag, and festive with chic, holiday colors such as gold and rose gold.

SRP: $3.45

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Cirrus Wave Styler

The Cirrus Wave Styler is a unique hairstyling tool that doesn't require any heat! Made for stylists, barbers and customers alike, this tool adds texture, volume and creates waves in hair—all while doing no damage. Use the smaller nozzle to create natural-looking texture and use the larger nozzle to create dramatic waves.

SRP: $65

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Olivia Garden Special Edition Thermal Brush Collection

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Olivia Garden created a special-edition pink and rose gold collection of their NanoThermic Ceramic + Ion Thermal Brush range. Olivia Garden will donate a portion of the net profits of the Special Edition Thermal Brush Collection to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to eradicating breast cancer through funding research for a cure. The collection will be available in October 2018.

SRP: $10.99 to $13.49 (each)

Manic Panic Amplified Temporary Hair Color Sprays

color spay, temporary color, hair color

The new Amplified Temporary Hair Color Sprays from Manic Panic will let your customers add a bright pop of temporary color to create a bold, glam look or cover roots—without the damaging effects of bleach or parabens. Suitable for all hair types, customers can choose from the following seven colors: Pretty Flamingo, Cotton Candy Pink, Wildfire, Rockabilly Blue, Ultra Violet, Electric Lizard, Asphalt Jungle. To remove the color, just simple wash it out.

SRP: $10.49 (each)

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