Beauty Store Business magazine - January, 2020


Will 5G Transform Beauty Retailing?

The 5th generation of wireless technology is poised to dramatically change life and commerce as we know them.

You may not realize it yet, but 5G will fuel tomorrow’s innovations. It’s expected to revolutionize beauty, retailing and every other industry, along with everyday experiences. This next iteration in wireless technology will seamlessly merge our digital and physical worlds, making us far more informed and our lives far more convenient than ever before. It will make commerce more immersive, interactive, intuitive, personalized and expeditious. Plus, it will enhance our understanding of ourselves and streamline our connections to others.

Google Home Technology for Efficient Beauty Shopping!

Google recently released its tech device Google Home, which is powered by Google Assistant, and is a competitor to Amazon Echo.

Google Home is quite the virtual assistant. It’s more than just a voice-activated Google browser. It offers a variety of conveniences that make your day easier, such as connecting to home or office gadgets that control lights and temperature; and it adds a decorative touch to your home or office.

More Than 80% of Smartphone Users Now Stream Video

According to recently released data from The NPD Group’s Connected Intelligence Smartphone and Tablet Usage Report, 81% percent of all U.S. smartphone users now stream video on their devices. This usage is being driven primarily by users who are 25 and younger, who spend twice as much time watching video content on YouTube and Netflix mobile apps compared to users who are over the age of 25.

L2 Think Tank: Tablets to Surpass Other Devices in Shopper Influence

L2 Think Tank: Tablets to Surpass Other Devices in Shopper Influence

Tablet strategy for retailers has been an adjunct to development efforts on the PC and smartphone. As tablets continue along the most successful adoption trajectory in history and begin to surpass all other devices in terms of shopper influence, retailers will have to reconfigure priorities.

That's according to the recently released "Tablets: Retail 2013" intelligence report from L2 Think Tank, which examines key data, trends and insights—identifying strategies for retail brands to maximize potential on the tablet platform.