Beauty Store Business magazine - June, 2019


Sense Appeal

Creating sensory experiences in-store helps forge memorable connections with customers–and keeps them coming back.

Touch, taste, smell, sound, person-to-person interaction and firsthand sampling–these are experiences that a customer can’t replicate while merely tossing products into an online shopping cart. And it’s these areas where brick-and-mortar beauty retailers can shine, touching all of the senses to increase sales, connect with customers and keep your brand top-of-mind.

Bond No. 9 Hudson Yards Fragrance

This brand is on a mission to map out New York City with scents, and is now introducing a scent representing a neighborhood currently under construction: Hudson Yards. The scent features a host of petals, including lily of the valley, freesia, pink peppercorns and peony buds. The futuristic bottle is an iridescent chartreuse with a ripening cloth flower blossom around the neck. Call 877.273.3369 or visit