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Retail Forecast: 2014

Retail Forecast: 2014
Be prepared for what lies ahead in business in 2014: Things are looking up!

Steady as she goes. That old nautical phrase—urging a firm hand on the wheel and an unwavering eye on the compass—seems especially apt for today’s retailers. The economic waters remain troubled as the nation emerges from a year in which business activity and consumer confidence fell short of the levels requisite for the best sales environment. At the same time, an improved economic forecast should guide retailers to greater profitability in 2014.

Consumers Will Shop In-Store for the Holidays

Consumers Will Shop In-Store for the Holidays

Consumers love a good deal—but will be drawn to brick and mortars this holiday season for the experience, according to the recently released study “Amazon Can’t Do That: Consumer Desire & the Store of the Future,” published by WD Partners, a customer-experience expert for global retail and food brands.

The study identifies what consumers are looking for in a shopping experience and presents a road map for brick and mortars to beat online-only retailers.

WSL/Strategic Retail Study: More Than 1 in 2 Americans Can Barely Afford Basics collection

Fifty-two percent of Americans are struggling to afford necessities—and for many even that is a stretch, according to WSL/Strategic Retail in its “How America Shops MegaTrends" report, "Moving On 2012.”

Other significant findings by WSL/Strategic Retail, which is a leading authority on shopper behavior and retail trends, in its newest report that was released on March 1:

Consumers Consider Store of the Future Creepy, Cool

Shoppers think it is cool to get digital help finding relevant products and information—and navigating the store. But they are creeped out by digital capabilities that identify, track and use location and demographics, such as targeted advertisements, for consumers based on facial recognition, according to the new study, “Creepy or Cool,” from RichRelevance, which provides omnichannel personalization to businesses.